My Life in Pictures: February 2013

February was a short month, but lingering colds for everyone around me and never-ending snow and greyness made it seem so much longer! So my usually cynical self appreciated Valentine’s Day just a bit more, if only for a mid-month riot of red, roses and chocolate.


Preparations for the day: lavender soap wrapped in happy-colored paper and cute ribbon for presents. I was tempted to buy a little craft kit to make a pink stuffed owl for my niece, but I hesitated and then it sold out! So, yes, just left with ribbon for a project for the day. I wrapped it around a bottle of nice Irish whiskey:


My real “craft project”: I printed up lots of my Instagrams and made them into “art.” Framing things makes them art, and that’s my case and I’m sticking to it:


It snowed so much that the local weather people said it was the snowiest February since 1906 or something! I tried to embrace it as part of Goth Everything and general enchanted winterland fairy tale magic, but alas, sometimes too much snow is too much snow. There were some points when it didn’t snow and melted away. I documented one of these rare moments:


I hung up the pictures I bought last month. I quite like them.


This month was my father’s birthday, and he wanted to go to Cracker Barrel for his birthday dinner. He loooooovvvveeeeessss Cracker Barrel. This is how they decorate:


And last but not least, I’ve been working on a new book project all February (and January, in fact.) I’m turning my parts of NOGOODFORME into a book, complete with a full-fledged Astro-Cinema series (all sun signs now covered) and more…LOADS of new content and “commentary” and the like. It’s great, great fun. Here’s a glimpse below. I’m going to send out a bit of the new stuff I wrote to my newsletter this weekend, so be sure you’re signed up on my list if you want a preview glimpse, and a bit behind-the-scenes 411 on it.


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