Finishing off Reverb!

Ach, I’m so behind on my Reverb project! Of course, I kind of expected it — it was lunacy to think I’d spent most of my blessed vacation on a computer, blogging! Anyway, to round out the year, dot my Is, cross my Ts, and finish this sucker off, here are the short answers to the rest of the Reverb prompts. Not as in-depth, of course, but hopefully you are too busy gearing up for a lovely New Year’s Eve celebration tonight to read too much on the Internet! Have a happy, safe, lovely New Year’s, everyone, and I will see you here next year!


As I stated earlier, I wasn’t really a whole lot of fun this year. It is so uncool to admit that you are boring, but it was one of those introspective times….and I was beset with challenges in autumn, so to speak. But I did have a nice, sweet birthday this year that ended with lots of sparklers and fireflies in the dark. And I’m hoping tonight’s NYE festivities are fun!

GIFTS: What was the best gift you got this year? How about the best one you gave?

The best gift I got this year was a print of this picture below, which was made by illustrator and comic book artist Hellen Jo. It is so nice to get a gift by someone who really loves you and, almost better, “gets” you. Clearly, the sweet giver knew what my labor of love this year was!

CHALLENGE: What challenges did you face this year? How did you face them?

The challenges of transitions, of shedding old aspects of my identity and embracing new ones, of working full-time after a highly enjoyable and enriching grad school experience, of dealing with the travails of aging parents. I think I faced them with a modicum of fortitude, as well as a strong familial support system. Which is a fancy way of saying that I am blessed to be born into a family of good spirits.

CONSUMPTION: Did you buy something that made you happy? Why did it make you happy? Did you buy something you regretted?

I spent a lot of money on a beautiful new pair of Frye engineer boots and I never regretted it. They are the best boots ever. I tell anyone who’s like, “I’m not sure if I want to spend that much” to do it! They are so good and last forever.

I regretted cheaping out on clothes. I bought significantly less and generally better, but I did get tempted by the occasionally cute, cheap purchase at Forever 21, Charlotte Russe and H&M. There were some things I genuinely loved from these places and wore often, but the things where I said to myself, “It’s on sale for $5, just stop thinking and get it”? Those ended up being resold or given away often than not.

For 2012: headphones!! They are constantly losing sound in one ear, or I misplace them! Please, give me your secrets for enduring ear buds! New Year’s project!

STOP: What did you stop doing in 2011 that made a difference in your life? Anything you want to stop in 2012?

I wrote earlier about deciding to stop a web design business I had going for ages, and it made a big difference in my life. I also stopped going out so much. I stopped being on the computer so much, and stopped using it as a source of entertainment. (Getting a tablet and an iPod Touch helped his a lot.) I stopped keeping a complex To-Do list. For 2012, I’d like to stop feeling like I need to be doing more, to stop feeling restless and more contented with where I am at. I’d like to stop the feeling of “waiting for something to begin,” and realize that it is already happening right now.

EXCITEMENT: What are you excited for next year?

True love, Paris, beauty, magic, riotous joy, horses, my herb garden, studying music and voice, a new home, music, my stories and books, and wearing out my dancing slippers.

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