Currently: The Eternal Girlishness of Gwen Stefani, Tavi Gevinson and Other Golden Girls

Listening: I found a bunch of old cassettes I had in high school and it has been super-fun listening to all them: Hole’s Pretty on the Inside, lots of Sonic Youth’s Sister and EVOL, Chapterhouse, Ride, the Sundays, R.E.M., the Replacements. In terms of newer stuff, Royal Headache and No Doubt’s new song.

I’m really fascinating by Gwen Stefani’s aging process, or seeming lack of one. I kind of have this love-hate thing going on with her sometimes, where I respect her empire building and her youthful energy but all that maintenance to look toned all the time seems exhausting. Eternal girlishness! Is it a trap or a gift?

Watching: I hadn’t watched a lot of anything till Friday night crashed out on the sofa after feeling restless and getting no sleep over the week. I basically just let episodes of “Golden Girls” glide in front of me. “You withered Sicilian monkey!” I love Dorothy Zbornak! Such a ground-breaking, feminist show at the time; I am glad to have grown up with it.

This will always be my favorite Golden Girls moments on YouTube…condoms, condoms, condoms!

Reading: I read Steinbeck’s “The Red Pony,” which was as riveting as I remembered back. And also a bunch of real estate and finance stuff.

Wearing: The weather has chilled out a bit, so I wore skinny jeans, red Toms, and a kind of floral bustier-peplum thingie. It’s cute, but really, the outfit cried out for a cute little jacket over it. Please, can we get to fall weather soon? #boredbysummerweather

Eating: Birthday cake! It was my mom’s birthday this weekend! Happy birthday, mom!

Wanting: A new fall perfume.

Needing: A bunch of stuff for an apartment; I signed a lease for a new place and realized, whoa, I need appliances!

Thinking: I’m sort of in a taxonomic/organizing state of mind recently; my mind’s already anticipating the moving process and preparing for that. It’s sort of hard to think about anything else; I tend to find living situation disruptions to be highly consuming.

Also: is Tavi Gevinson the new Chloe Sevigny? As in, kind of a hipster mascot but with enough of her own creativity and independent vision to resist becoming a commodity? Tavi’s on the cover of Bust this month. I haven’t read the article so I can’t comment, and I’m sort of a half-assed Tavi-watcher — meaning, she’s on my compass but not really a point of focus for me. But the question is floating lazily in my mind. But I’m a casual fan, for sure, and it has been great to see her evolve beyond fashion blogs.

Dreaming: Interior decorating schemes that are lovely but low-budget. Does anyone have any favorite design blogs they’d like to recommend?

Feeling: Excited!

Anticipating: Um, moving? And more importantly, settling into a new home, in, like a little over a week!

Loving: Periwinkle blue nail polish (still), generous people who give me things for my home, being a sister.

Writing: Been writing some letters and postcards recently, and trying to crack this short story that I’ve been working on for years.

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