Currently: Moving, and Late Summer Malaise

Listening: Lots of Clash and the Replacements.

Watching: So, I saw The Dark Knight Rises like a bunch of other people in the country. Though I enjoyed it as a big popcorn entertainment, I had all kinds of feelings about it, most of them mixed. Also rewatched a ton of “Game of Thrones” episodes. Oh, why do I have to wait so long for the next season?!!! I also have Young Adult waiting for me.

Oh, and the OLYMPICS.

Reading: Just magazines lately, and the Anne Rice werewolf novel. It’s okay. I have a hard time concentrating on anything when I’m in the middle of home upheaval. I’m a Cancer, okay? It’s kind of a big deal!


Eating: Salads with tomatoes from the garden and loads of avocado.

Wanting: To be done with moving.

Needing: To be done with moving.

Thinking: I’m consumed with the logistics of moving. Did I mention how much I hate moving?

Dreaming: How my apartment will look when I’m done with it.

Feeling: Tired. Still recovering from a Saturday afternoon trip to IKEA, whew.

Anticipating: Being done with moving. Also, I’m doing Susannah Conway’s August Break this year, so look out on the blog for that! A picture every day!

Loving: Fall clothes trickling into stores; on the lookout for new Wellies for fall; contemplating my yearly boot purchase.

Writing: I can’t really focus on anything in the middle of a move 🙁

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