And Then, And Then, And Then

For my next entry at this blog, I had another essay lined up. But then Hurricane Sandy happened, and it felt not so appropriate to post an elegant, sculpted essay about my childhood memories of Chanel No. 5. I was too worried about my friends, too worried about the possible rearrangement of upcoming trips there, surprised but not really about how much I still identified with my former beloved city and how it could still exert such a pull on me. And I just felt overwhelmed and saddened by the aftermath of the hurricane, but also proud the city got back on its feet so quickly, for the most part. A piece of writing about perfume, however lovely, just wasn’t where my head was at.

And then on top of that: the election. And then to top that off: my job got crazy as I prepared to go on vacation. And then I started Nanowrimo, which of course I had to do because I am a masochist. And then: vacation!

I write this now in NYC, but I’m leaving and headed into a temporary Internet-less existence for the rest of my time off, ready to take in new sights and sounds with a full and complete attention that only seems to come when you remove technology and connectivity from the equation. I hope to come back with beautiful moments, sights and thoughts to share. But until then: a view of Manhattan.


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