A good weekend

It was a weekend full of dearest friends, marathon conversations, yummy dinners (chickpea tagine, still transitioning out of raw foods), fun with public art, perfume buying as a treat to myself for finishing the latest draft of my book (Tocca Cleopatra!), brunch at my favorite place to eat in Chicago (yummy omelet with chanterelles, blew the raw right open in this meal), many rounds of drinks at various bars around Logan Square (if anyone cares, the Owl was packed with very attractive people on a Saturday night) and a kind of mini-reunion with film school friends, where we Godarded out at the Whistler and talked movies, buisness, and writing just like old times, albeit with a bit of seasoned perspective.

But one of my favorite moments was when my sister texted me late Saturday night after finishing reading my book and told me she loved it, it made her cry and that I should be proud of myself for creating a beautiful story. I totally teared up. The only other real bookworm in the family, I was a little scared to show her my book because it’s so intimate, you know? It meant a lot to me; I’m such a softie.

It was “a best, best time”, as my niece would say. And it’s nice to be back after a vagabond weekend, back in my own bed, surrounded by books and lavender tea and fashion magazines.


Photo was taken up underneath the Cloud Gate sculpture by Anish Kapoor in Millenium Park. Do you see me? xo k.

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