The ballad of the eternal art student: keeping momentum going

I just graduated from film school. That’s five years of super-intense learning, progress, setbacks, failures, triumphs–the kind of experience that can’t help but make you up your game as an artist and craftsperson if you put your whole heart, soul and guts in it. Of course, I was pretty psyched and proud to be done with school–I get a life again! I can finally sleep!–but I also regarded this transition with a bit of trepidation. (Not only because, eek, now I have to start paying back my loans!) But I think many people face the fear when they end an


Look! It’s my new website! Also: I really need to update this more often! I’m excited because my now-thesis film (it’s a long story) “Phoebe, 2:13AM” may be screening soon…I need to keep quiet on the details at the moment. Also: I co-produced a film called “C’est Moi,” a romantic and comic French New Wave-inspired story, directed by my friend Jessica Rotondi. We shot in January, it was shown at the Columbia University Film Festival in May and it’s very charming and funny.

“Phoebe, 2:13AM” Screening in Columbia University Film Festival & NYC Downtown Shorts Film Festival

Wow, I guess I only really do a yearly update. Anyway: my nonthesis short film, "Phoebe, 2:13AM" is completed and had its debut last month at Columbia University Film Festival. It is playing today at the NYC Downtown Short Film Festival Audience Choice Screening at the Duo Theatre in the East Village. I’m being more aggressive than usual about sending out my work to festivals as well as talent and management companies. I’m really proud of it; it’s a good representation of what I’m about as a filmmaker, and hopefully it will show at other festivals in the future.