Wardrobe Planning: A Spring 2016 Shopping List Addendum!

In the interest of full disclosure of my mindful shopping/wardrobe commitment — and as I further wend my way through my wardrobe/closet clean-out — here are a few more things I’m on the lookout for this season in terms of spring shopping. This is more on the utilitarian tip, but it’s amazing how these ‘non-fashion’ items still can eat up your budget and attention.

+ Bras and undies! It’s so weird to talk about your ‘intimates’ on the Internet, but, well…I need new knickers! Now that I’m weaning the baby, I can finally start looking into new bras that don’t have to accommodate that huge lifestyle shift. (Because nursing is definitely a big commitment, and a big adaptation for a wardrobe to work around.) I’m looking for stuff that is comfortable, cute and durable. I might look into lounge/sports bras instead of the usual pretty things because I need clothes to multitask, even if I personally hate multitasking myself.

+ Workout clothes in general! Slowly but surely I’m getting back to my normal-ish level of movement. Luckily ‘athleisure’ is such a thing now, so there are lots of nice options out there for clothes to exercise in. (Although sometimes when I get in certain philosophical moods, I think it’s rather odd and amazing that we need special clothes to exercise in — and just the fact that exercise is this separate category of life activity is symptomatic of how odd and disconnected human beings are now from nature!) But I digress: I especially need leggings that have good compression, don’t sink when I run but don’t make me feel like sausage. (I have a ton of leggings as part of my daily uniform, but they are definitely more cotton-y everyday-oriented ones…not ones suited for 5-mile runs.) Coolio prints are ace, as well. A few months ago I joined Fabletics for their killer first-outfit deal ($25 for a top and bottom!) and just have been skipping most months without looking too much…I may have to take a more serious gander again. (Disclosure, dudes: that Fabletics link is my personal invite link, and I get $10 in credit if you sign up for Fabletics through it.)

+ A proper waterproof windbreaker-type of thingie. I remember there was a moment in NYC in the early 2000s when I noticed all the fashion-y hipster people were wearing ‘outdoorsy’ things: anoraks, parkas, Sorel hiking boots, animal image t-shirts and sweatshirts or rugged footwear in general that looked great in the desert or mountains — but combined with a groovy handbag, like a Marc Jacobs or Balenciaga one. (It’s also funny, because all those people now have mostly relocated to L.A., since L.A. is the new Brooklyn, right?) It was sort of like the precursor to a normcore moment — but, like, Eddie Bauer normcore. But now it’s mid-2000s, and for spring, I’m really looking forward to walks, hikes and runs outside, come rain or shine. I feel bad adding this — because I already have plenty of jackets and coats, for reals! — but this is a sartorial necessity.

+ Glasses! I want a new pair while I still have my valid prescription. I’m currently auditioning a bunch of frames from Warby Parker, but I’m looking for something a bit more ‘funkier’ — meaning something that isn’t necessarily in a super-practical ‘neutral.’ I have till May; I’m thinking a pair of these royal blue frames? And, full disclosure: I did buy a new pair of sunglasses for the season — see the pic above. I looooovvvvvvvveeeeee them. I am going to plan my entire spring fashion concept around them!

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