The Fun Part About Cleaning Out Your Closet: Making A Shopping List!

My epic closet clean-out has been slow-going but steady. I’m almost done with dresses and tops at the moment, and then I tackle accessories, which should be quite an odyssey. I wish I could go a little faster, but my little one gets really curious about all the piles of clothes and suddenly my closet clean-out turns into an ad-hoc playground. (It’s funny, he dives into a pile of dresses like how other kids dive into a pile of leaves!)

But one of the advantages of being turtle-like about it is taking the time to make a more thoughtful shopping list to fill in the “holes” of my wardrobe. Here are the items that I genuinely “need” — or would be most practical and versatile to own — and am keeping an eye out for. Any suggestions for shopping recommendations? Send them my way!

My Spring 2016 Shopping List

+ A new cardigan. I’m very picky about the fit of my cardigans: I’m looking for something in a fine-knit grey, boyfriend-length but not too broad in the shoulder or chest. Surprisingly hard to find this! I have some credit at ThredUp…maybe I’ll find something there. Or maybe pick up a Uniqlo cardigan in grey or tan.

+ A “cool girl day dress.” As you may remember, I purged a ton of dresses from my wardrobe. But I realized now I don’t have anything that’s good for a warm-weather day for gallery hopping, afternoon cocktails/tea, bookstore browsing…but with a kid in tow as well. Because this dress is action-oriented and needs to be versatile, it has to work with both a nice sandal, loafers, sneakers and even ankle boots. I have some credit at Everlane, so I’m thinking of something like this.

+ A casual kick-around dress. For days when I’m sick of my usual uniform but don’t want to stray too far from it. (Also: must be okay with being messed-up upon.)

+ A properish dressy day dress. This is a dress you can wear to a nice day wedding or an occasion with your sweetheart’s (or your own) grandparents. Has to work with “nice shoes” but also with my Frye motorcycle boots if I feel like grunging it up. On the lookout for a kind of matching top and skirt perhaps in a pretty-quirky print if I can’t find a dress. Also not too expensive because I won’t wear this too often.

+ A good casual basic t-shirt. Why is it so hard to find a beautifully fitting t-shirt in a nice fabric that isn’t too precious to be lived upon but still sturdy to stand up to newly minted toddlers? Any recommendations appreciated! Would love a deep v-neck boyfriend style in a soft grey or light blue in a 100% cotton (no modal or spandex or whatever) fabrication.

+ A fun short-sleeved shirt. Just a kicky little number for springtime fun that is just a bit elevated from a t-shirt, perhaps in a cool pattern. I find short-sleeves to be tricky for me, so this item might take some time to find.

+ A practical but groovy “street shoe.” I have a pair of black leather high tops I love, but I’m thinking slip-one here so I don’t have to bend down and fiddle with shoelaces. I know, I’m such a princess, no? Something like a Tom’s — though they never last long, and I would like to buy something of quality. I love the Everlane street shoe but sometimes I wonder if it looks too orthopedic on me. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll just find a pair of Vans!

What are other people looking to buy for spring? I love hearing what other people have on their radar…

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