Look of the Week: A Pink-and-Gold Scarf, An Orla Kiely Shirt


Fashion blogger habits die hard! I started out as one ages upon ages ago, and while I don’t particularly have a strong desire to do it full-on again, I do miss chronicling how clothes form a particularly beautiful part of a larger story, whether it’s of a time, place or a self. I never did outfit posts at nogoodforme.com, except for our rare seasonal fashion concepts. But oddly, I know of no other way I can write about fashion here on my blog, since I’m not super-interested in industry news, fancy designers or the like. I don’t pretend to be a typical fashionista, but I do love clothes in my own intimate, sometimes lyrical way. I think what’s most interesting about clothes are the relationships and stories people tell with them, and exploring and recording my own history via my sartorial choices.

So, I thought I’d try a “look of the week” feature here, at least until I get bored or just run out of clothes to wear. (Which might happen, since I’m not much of a shopper and my closet isn’t huge by any stretch of the imagination!) First up: a beloved Orla Kiely button-down oxford I got at Uniqlo awhile ago with a pink and gold infinity scarf I got at a dollar bin at Target. (Yes, I freaking love those dollar bins. I’m a dollar-bin kind of rummager!) Can you believe I’m wearing this madness in the middle of July? Yet it’s been mid-60s for the past week in the morning, so there you go. This is something I’d normally wear in the early spring or fall! Here’s a closer look at the patterns and colors:


I love patterns, and I gravitate towards them when it comes to things like bags, but wearing them on my actual person is slightly torturous in a weird way. I know people are always telling me I should wear more color and patterns, especially since I have the sort of coloring that supports bright tones and shades. And it does look better for cameras and the like, especially with my dark hair and olive skin.

But I don’t live for cameras — I live to feel a certain way, and I just feel calmer and more rooted when I wear more subtle, muted tones. But this shirt does a nice job of satisfying my pattern fascination with my equal need to not feel overwhelmed by my clothing: it’s a nice, smaller-scaled graphic, and the colors are light but gentle. Same with the scarf: it’s bright yet mellow and muted.

What you can’t see: I’m wearing jeans. Of course! Having a lot happening on top is enough for me, you know? I need something to feel fairly down-to-earth in my outfit, and usually that job falls to my jeans.

I hope you enjoy this newish feature! Is anyone out there as love-hate about patterns as me? Or struggled with what looks good on camera vs. what feels good to actually wear? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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