Favorite things lately

The opening to “Melancholia,” i.e. the only Lars Von Trier film I can unabashedly love and the most beautiful movie ever made about the ending of the world. Also love the beautiful Wagner overture, which pretty much makes the whole sequence: I also love this cover of “She’s Lost Control” by Spoek Mathambo. Darkwave township tech from Johannesburg. I hear people call this Afro-goth; I don’t care what it’s called, and the video is stunning, riveting even. I could write a whole thesis on the collision of iconographies happening visually and textually here. In 2001, I might have, but now

My Fall To-Do List

Fall! It’s here! I love the cooler temperatures, the mellow sunshine, the nice sound of wind rustling in trees. I love la rentree and the whole feeling of getting back to work, study and getting stuff done. I mean, yeah, summer was great: I didn’t get to ride as many rollercoasters as I wanted, but I made up for it through my patronage of various water slides, and generally accomplished most of my Summer To-Do. That list was actually super-helpful and fun, so here’s my list for fall. + WRITE ANOTHER BOOK I know, I still have to finish revising

Five Beautifully Brilliant, Inspiring Manifestos + A Few Thoughts on My Own

I’ve been thinking a bit about manifestos lately, about declarations that transcend time, create energy and fuel dreams. While manifestos are often really specific to a situation, there’s a timelessness to the writing that really speaks to me — which is why great ones endure. I’ve been thinking about it in terms of myself — I’ve been asked lately, in more than a few different avenues of my life, to define what’s important and true for me. I’m still thinking about it, pulling my thoughts together, but of course I had to dig up a few of the declarations that