How to Marry the Sky

Taking August off from regular blogging was really liberating. I learned not to process my thoughts or experiences in blog-sized containers; I just existed in the haze of heat, sunshine and fun that was August. I gamboled in mud, I set up house and put my new set of pots and pans to use, I went down water slides and let the September fashion issues collect dust on my new coffee table. I roasted a squash and turned zucchini into spaghetti. I slept in a new bed, organized my collection of perfumes, danced around the room to the Grimes record.

Sparks: Welcome to Female Trainwreck Week

I’ve always been oddly secretive about what I read on the Internet. (I’m one of those people that think that what you read in some way will come to define you at some point — which is scary considering how much sci-fi/fantasy, business development and fusty classical fiction I read.) I originally posted a list of “What I’m Reading on the Internets” on my monthly mailing list missive, but then thought that public sharing was a better way to spark discussion and at least pay tribute to other Internet writers out there! So here you go…this week I was fascinated

Rick Owens Is My Newest Literary Mentor

I try to make clothes the way Lou Reed does music, with minimal chord changes, and direct. It is sweet but kind of creepy… It’s about an elegance being tinged with a bit of the barbaric. – Rick Owens If I could make a book that read like this, I would be so thoroughly happy. I’ve always had a fondness for Rick Owens’ clothing; a skirt of his was one of the first “designer” things I ever bought, and it has lasted nearly ten years and I love it. I dream of owning a jacket of his like this. One

Favorite Things: Sjobeck, Madewell’s Fall Lookbook, And MUSIC + CANDY + MUSIC

Just a few frivolities that have caught my eye and captivated my heart lately. Fashion! Music! Food! I feel like a teenager again! Maybe it’s the upcoming summer season, but I am in an expansive, fun, open mood these days. Sjobeck Sjobeck is a Malibu-based label. I first fell in love with those lovely printed silk pants. I struggle with the idea of printed, loose pants because they remind me of those mean older quasi-hippie ladies at Bay Area farmers’ markets with the carts and the food judginess and the arch voices, but these look so beautifully cut and chic.