First Things First: Making Creativity Your Priority

I’m working on a novel right now–yeah, the “hot skater werewolves” one I mention in my About page! I’ve been humming away on it for awhile now, and am about 1/4 through my first draft. No doubt they’ll be drafts aplenty in the future, but I’ve been speeding along with it and it’s hit that point where I’m really excited to sit down with it and spend time in this world with my characters. To be honest, though, I’ve never had much problem generating drafts–being an English major with a creative writing concentration, you could say I’ve developed a writing

The ballad of the eternal art student: keeping momentum going

I just graduated from film school. That’s five years of super-intense learning, progress, setbacks, failures, triumphs–the kind of experience that can’t help but make you up your game as an artist and craftsperson if you put your whole heart, soul and guts in it. Of course, I was pretty psyched and proud to be done with school–I get a life again! I can finally sleep!–but I also regarded this transition with a bit of trepidation. (Not only because, eek, now I have to start paying back my loans!) But I think many people face the fear when they end an