Accessories for novel writing

I’m working up a storm on my hot teenage skater werewolves novel! Having a serious jones for office supplies as well as worship-worthy writers, I’ve always been interested in the tools that writers used in their work. (I remember reading Colette’s descriptions of her pens and just being so excited when I found some matching her description in Paris.) I think there’s something so personal and idiosyncratic about what writers use to make their work. Anyway, here is what I’m using for my little story: 1. Laptop 2. Muji notebooks, one for each 25% is what I’m calculating 3. A

Show and Tell: Video Collage, NYC, July 2010

I thought about stringing all these into a linearly-edited little short film, but I liked the idea of taking the collage idea literally and just laying out these little videos side-by-side to make an actual visual video collage. This feels more like a real “video diary” to me than an edited film. In this installment: Coney Island, the apartment I’m subletting in Brooklyn, lots of park action (Tompkins Square and Riverside), Metropolitan Museum/Fifth Avenue and just strange sleepless moments when I woke up super-early with the early morning light streaming through the window.