A Year Of No Shopping (Or At Least A Lot Less Of It)

I’ve always wanted to try a “no shopping” experiment. A strange longing, I know. But I’ve always been fascinated by people who chronicle their experiences with limited capsule wardrobes or “shopping their closets” or “using out” their entire kitchen or pantry. Maybe I find something elegant in the austerity, maybe I have a weird inner Puritan or Victorian that needs tending to, maybe I’m overwhelmed by the consumerism and wastefulness around us, I don’t know. But going without shopping for fun or pleasure for a period of time seems interesting to me. Of course, I’m aware that this kind of

A Craving for Clothes

I have fashion on the brain these days. Not in a musing, semi-intellectual art-nun kind of way, but like how when you’re a little kid and you’re like “I want red shoes! I want a ruffly blue dress!” Want, want, want, want, want! Maybe it’s because during pregnancy I felt like I couldn’t enjoy clothes as much as I usually do. It wasn’t like I had it bad during my baby-incubation months — my style always gravitated towards a silhouette with a looser top and a tighter bottom, so I wore a surprising amount of pre-pregnancy clothes for much of

In Favor of the Seasonal Wardrobe

In Which I Explore My History of Closets People mistake closets for wardrobes. All the clothes in your closet = your wardrobe, right? Ah, fashion grasshopper, that isn’t true! Your closet is just the physical husk to store and house the powerhouse of beauty, imagination, possibility and creativity that ideally are your clothes. A wardrobe is really a collection of garments. But of course, it is much more than that. We’re all collectors of clothing — society forces us to be, since we have to wear clothes most of the time. (At least in my world — maybe your world

Look of the Week: The Blue Shirt (Or, My Basics Vs. Their Basics)

I have an embarrassing affection for reading style manuals and guides. I don’t care who’s written them: Posh Spice, Diana Vreeland or Krusty the Klown, I think everyone has a potentially interesting take on getting dressed everyday. One thing these kind of books love to do is layout a list of basics that “every woman must have!” And, you know, it’s basically also always the same thing: a white shirt, black pants, a little black dress, a trench coat. I often wonder if everyone’s seen too many Audrey Hepburn movies when I see a list like this. (Though, don’t get